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About Us

Enlighten Someone Daily is a company devoted to the creation and distribution of art. We create and sell art that challenges, inspires, and amuses our clients. Our business promotes the works of W.L. Swarts and [redacted, she doesn't want her stuff out here yet!].

Our philosophy is simple: art should be shared and whatever gets it to more people, while protecting the intellectual property rights of the artist is better than the art sitting unappreciated. After decades of trying to sell art to others, we've decided the direct approach is better. There are countless tales of musical artists peddling their mix tapes out of their trunks or at sparsely-attended shows before the right person heard it and they signed to a major label. Writers and visual artists who self-publish are treated with disdain (musicians have "demos," "self-produced albums," "I got expertise in producing..." - writers who work analogously have their works called "vanity books"). That's ridiculous and we're here to buck that trend. Our talent is talented and there's no reason not to produce more for the niche audience we have developed over the past twenty years.

W.L. Swarts is a writer and painter, clearly not a webpage designer. W.L. has been writing for thirty years and has two previously-published novels. During a lull in writing, W.L. Swarts took up oil painting and conceptual art. After selling more visual art pieces than writing, W.L. had a bit of a crisis of identity. Now back doing both writing and visual art, W.L. Swarts is determined to deliver more works, more regularly to anyone who might enjoy them through Enlighten Someone Daily!

[Our Other Artist] wants no personal information out in the world. She is a hermit who is an amazing photographer, a gifted crochet artist and makes amazing sculptures. She accepts commissions occasionally, but otherwise does what makes her happy. When she feels like selling things, she usually asks W.L. to do that and from now on, that will happen through Enlighten Someone Daily.

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