Known Quantities

A Novel

By W.L. Swarts

The latest book from Enlighten Someone Daily is now available!

It is Known Quantities.

This is our "ode to child-free" and our most accessible book yet.

Intended as a simple exploration of principled young people, Known Quantities

is the often-charming, devastatingly realistic story of what happens when one

challenges their core beliefs and the effects that has on everyone in their orbit.

Here's the back of the book:

There aren't a lot of books that explore characters who make a conscious choice to be child-free.

We are proud of Known Quantities for filling that niche.

Want to read a novel that explores the principled choice people can make to not have children?

Known Quantities is for you!

Want to give your parents something to read and consider once you tell them you don't want children?

Known Quantities is for you!

Sick of family members telling you everything you'll miss out on by not bringing kids into the world?

Send them a copy of Known Quantities to express how disastrous changing your mind could be!

Known Quantities is an accessible novel that focuses on four characters with intertwining friendships and romances, centering around their choices about when to have children, if at all. With philosophy, humor, charming characters, fast dialogue and twists of fate, Known Quantities powerfully makes the argument that sometimes it is better to stick to your principles, rather than challenge them. Known Quantities is 349 pages, is priced at $25 + shipping (we're not doing that b.s. one penny less thing!) and will challenge and delight adult readers.

Known Quantities is out now and shipping daily! All books purchased through the website can be autographed and inscribed by the author at no additional charge!

Known Quantities is priced at $25 + shipping, we appreciate you supporting our small press directly!
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