A Novel

By W.L. Swarts

In many ways, this is the culmination of the decades of works by W.L. Swarts, both released and unreleased. M.A.H.M. is a comedy, with disturbing undertones and audacious themes. M.A.H.M. is an ambitious novel featuring memorable, often-screwball characters and a narrative split between a small bar and a cross-country journey.

Because of how ambitious our cover is, the text for the cover is actually inside. Here is what
M.A.H.M. is about:

Introducing a brand new collection of characters and featuring cameos from prior works, M.A.H.M. is an eclectic "greatest hits," which will amuse and challenge readers. The book is 564 pages, is priced at $25 + shipping (we're not doing that b.s. one penny less thing!) and is the start of a planned trilogy.

Preorders for M.A.H.M. are live now and we will begin shipping paid preorders of the novel on or before July 5, 2023! The ISBN is 9798988096108 - and this novel is THICK, so its production costs are (obviously) higher. At this point, M.A.H.M. will only be available directly through Enlighten Someone Daily! (All books purchased through the website can be autographed and inscribed by the author at no additional charge!)

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