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Public Appearances!

MAY 20 - 21 - Trek Long Island - Hyatt Regency Long Island, Hauppauge, NY!
W.L. Swarts is NOT an author guest at Trek Long Island. But, W.L. Swarts will be at the show, in the dealer's room at the table for W.L. Swarts Enterprises.
We WILL have both Unnamed Perils Policy Claim and Known Quantities (it's first weekend out!!!!) and W.L. Swarts will gladly sell and sign copies of the books
at this show. We look forward to meeting you there!

JULY 7 - 9 - Shore Leave 43 - Delta Hotels Baltimore, Hunt Valley, MD
                            W.L. Swarts is NOT an author guest at Shore Leave 43.  But... W.L. Swarts is a dealer, right in the hallway at the convention.  It's one of our favorite
                            conventions.  Want to see the author? Have a conversation? Buy a book and watch W.L. Swarts sign it?  By Shore Leave, Enlighten Someone Daily will have
                            3 books available and W.L. Swarts will happily be selling and signing them at this venue!

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