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Public Appearances!

MARCH 1 - 31 - Enlighten Someone Daily Display - Community Bank, Canastota, NY!
                                Community Bank in Canastota, NY is working to promote local businesses.  We are exceptionally honored that they are putting our art up on the walls for
                                the month of March.  Want to see art in person?  Visit this branch!  Art IS available for purchase on site, the bank is also selling our handmade sketch books
                                AND Unnamed Perils Policy Claim right in the bank.  They are awesome!  PLEASE, come check it out.  It is remarkably cool for a bank to be doing this to
                                support local small businesses.

MARCH 22 - 6:30 P.M. - Everything But The New Book... An Evening With W.L. Swarts - Lawson Room, Canastota Public Library, Canastota, NY
                            W.L. Swarts will talk about launching a publishing company, past projects, future works, everything but the new book Unnamed Perils Policy Claim.
                            Enlighten Someone Daily Productions presents monthly short stories online from the author and W.L. Swarts will read "Philanthropist" and encourage a lively
                            discussion following the reading. Also, the new book will be available for sale and signing.

JULY 7 - 9 - Shore Leave 43 - Delta Hotels Baltimore, Hunt Valley, MD
                            W.L. Swarts is NOT an author guest at Shore Leave 43.  But... W.L. Swarts is a dealer, right in the hallway at the convention.  It's one of our favorite
                            conventions.  Want to see the author? Have a conversation? Buy a book and watch W.L. Swarts sign it?  By Shore Leave, Enlighten Someone Daily will have
                            3 books available and W.L. Swarts will happily be selling and signing them at this venue!

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