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It has begun! The publishing wing of Enlighten Someone Daily Productions is up and running. Our first two releases have been produced and are now available! The next is ready to go to press, with a sometime when we have the money release.

Our story is simple; we've done the "starving artist" thing long enough. We have a body of work and it is copy-written and protected by law. So, we have big plans for 2023 which are now underway. Our concern with putting our art out is that it is legally protected, but not from pirates or sharing. Technology has not kept up with protecting intellectual property of the written word. So, until we figure out how to do that a little better, we're not posting any original, copy-written works online or in a file type that could be shared by the original purchaser ad infinitum. That said, we have an ambitious slate for 2023 and it is underway now!

Our first two books being released through Enlighten Someone Daily are out now!

Check out the official page for

Unnamed Perils Policy Claim

The first book from our ambitious slate is out now and we don't talk about it.
Seriously. This is a pure reading experience. Go into it with no expectations and get
the most out of it. You'll be glad you did!

Check out the official site for

Known Quantities!

Our "ode to childfree" is out now!

The next next project is M.A.H.M.
The Official Site For

is now live!
This giant novel was intended for a July 5th release,
but that didn't happen. Still,
preorders and more information are available now!

We also have a surprise production going to print incredibly soon!
It's a children's book (our Kickstarter for the series may have failed, but we're still printing)
My Mom Parents Your Child At The Restaurant.
(Website coming soon!)

Another big project this year is our short story project, tentatively entitled

Tales From Our Current Apocalypse.

We are now offering both short stories from our own

intellectual properties and ideas (a new paid service)

and fan fiction we have written/are writing for free.

Check out our short story page here!

(No cost to check out the short story page! Check it out!)

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